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Emi The Elephant

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Emi The Elephant, a cool character with lightness in her feet! Watch Emi dance the Irish jig!

Introducing ?Emi the Elephant’, a series of an innovative, inspirational and cheeky night light. The products offer a fun and creative twist against the traditional and feature an origami-inspired form and multi-function. These lovable, stylish animals can be floor, table or wall-mounted (imagine the latter with some fabulous safari wall art), the head doubles as a hat that can be turned into a role-play toy, a perfect design that grows with your child! The designers have also thought about wastage and cleverly transformed the offcuts into a matching pair of binoculars, to add more character to the theme. These smart animals love the environment too, are made from 100% tested recycled plastic and has a handy usb plug to let your wild animals migrate wherever you like!



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