TriScale™ ,folding digital scale


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Weigh your ingredients with accuracy and style using these handy digital scales, this incredibly space-saving kitchen gadget folds away so it can fit easily into your cutlery and utensil drawer.
When open, TriScale™ has three arms to provide a stable platform for placing bowls and other items to be weighed. When closed, the scales fold down to an extremely compact size, enclosing and protecting the screen and controls.

TriScale™ has an easy-to-read LCD display, touch-sensitive buttons and an auto power-off feature.
A convenient ‘add and weigh’ function also allows multiple ingredients to be measured in the same bowl during recipe preparation.
The scale weighs/measures in the following units: gms, lbs, ozs, fl.ozs and mls.
Maximum capacity: 5kg/176.4 fl.oz/11lb/5000ml.
Powered by 1 x3V CR2032 battery.
Available in green and white.

Closed: 4.5 × 14.9 × 2.1 cm
Open: 21.9 × 20.2 × 2.1 cm



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