Stack 4 food waste caddy with odour filter


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This clever food caddy has been carefully designed to help reduce the smell from collected food waste. It has a unique, ventilated design that allows air to enter and circulate inside the caddy, which helps to reduce moisture – the main cause of unpleasant odours from decomposing food.
The Stack 4 food caddy features a replaceable odour filter in the lid that works in tandem with the fresh air to help trap any smells that do occur. It has an easy-clean polypropylene body, a flip-top lid and a sturdy stainless steel carry handle.
A liner-retaining hole inside ensures any liners stay in place and the rim of the removable lid hides any untidy bag overhang.
Perfect for storing on a kitchen worktop, it is also compatible with our Stack recycling separation system. Custom-fit, compostable liners (IW2) are available separately for the perfect fit.
Wash by hand with hot, soapy water.
Capacity: 4 litres (1 US gallon).



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