Soapy-Sponge™, Soap dispensing dish sponge


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Get a satisfying lather when washing up without having to repeatedly add soap to your sponge with Soapy-Sponge™, this smart sponge contains a refillable soap-dispensing capsule which releases the optimum amount of soap as you wash.

Waste less liquid soap with Soapy-Sponge™ when doing the washing up, the slow release of soap means you won’t have to keep adding soap. Simply pop the capsule out of the sponge, refill and replace.

The sponge itself also has a triple-layer construction for different cleaning tasks and it comes with its own sponge holder for quick, hygienic drying and storage, ensuring you won’t leave soapy residue around the sink.
Pack contains:
3 x sponges 1 x soap capsule 1 x sponge holder



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