Podium 5-Piece Storage container set with stand


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Using stackable storage jars can sometimes be a hassle, especially if the one you need is on the bottom of the pile. Podium features a clever storage stand that allows easy access to any jar, regardless of its position. Each container features a lid with an airtight silicone seal, easy-pour corners and a base that locates securely onto the stand. It’s made from sturdy plastic which is light weight as well as durable.
The stand has a smart design that supports each container individually and includes non-slip feet on its base. Perfect for storing pastas, grains, cereals, baking ingredients and much more.

Container sizes 5-piece: 1 x 1.9 L (2 qt), 1 x 1.3 L (1.3 qt), 2 x 900 ml (0.9 qt), 1 x 500 ml (0.5 qt)
Overall Dimensions: 31.3cm W x 10.4cm D x 32.4cm H

Containers and lids: hand wash only.
Stand: wipe clean



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