M-Cuisine™ Egg poacher, Microwave egg poacher


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Master the art of poaching eggs quickly and easily with this clever microwave egg poacher, it features a splash-proof lid and water drainer to make sure your eggs are perfect every time!

Preparing poached eggs is no easy task but cooking them in water usually gives the best results. That’s why the M-Cuisine™ Egg Poacher uses water to cook the egg in the microwave.
How to poach your eggs:
1. Fill egg poacher with cold water up to the fill line indicated.
2. Place into the centre of microwave. Do not attach lid.
3. Heat on full power for the time shown in column A of the table below.
4. Remove egg poacher from microwave and crack egg into the water.
5. Attach the lid and place back into the centre of the microwave.
6. Heat on full power for the time shown in column B of the table below.
7. Remove egg poacher from microwave. Do not leave to stand, as egg will continue to cook.
8. Lift and drain poached egg using integrated colander. Remove egg from colander with a spoon.
Time (Seconds):
Power (Wattage) / Heat water for / Cook Egg for
600 / 60 / 60
700 / 60 / 55
800 / 60 / 50
900 / 45 / 45
1000 / 45 / 40
1100 / 30 / 35
1200 / 30 / 30
Please note: Cooking times are based on medium-/large-sized eggs (58g) and are for guidance only. All microwaves vary, so adjust cooking time to suit your particular appliance. Make sure eggs are piping hot before serving.
Cooking tips:
For best results, use fresh eggs at room temperature. If egg is undercooked and not to your liking, microwave for a further 10 seconds and re-check.
Caution: Always protect hands when removing container from the microwave oven. Container or its contents may become very hot. Take extra care when draining hot water.

Dishwasher safe
Microwave safe



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