Handi-Grate™ 2-in-1 mini grater and slicer


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Perfect for grating and slicing smaller foods like garlic, ginger or radishes, this compact mandoline slicer is a great 2-in-1 kitchen gadget for adding flavour to your cooking.

Grating smaller foods can get a bit fiddly and finger injuries are a common occurrence when doing it by hand, that’s where this handy grater and slicer comes in. It has razor sharp stainless steel blades set on either side of the design for grating and slicing small foods, but with a focus on safety.

Handi-Grate™ features an ergonomic handle, a non-slip tip and a sliding finger-guard on one side for added safety when slicing. It also comes with its own protective sheath for safe storage.
This kitchen essential gives you the functionality of a mandoline but at a fraction of the size, letting you compactly store it in your kitchen drawer. It is also dishwasher safe.

Dimensions: H4.5 cm x D6.5 cm x L29 cm

Dishwasher Safe
Food Safe
BPA Free



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