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Sofas at Di-Mension come in different shapes and sizes, and can be built to suit style and taste of our clients. Whether for home, shop or office or using leather or fabric, there is one sofa model that fits your discriminating taste.

Choosing the best couch for your living room that is stylish and comfortable helps reveal who you are. Visit us at our Taikoo showroom and check out our 2- and 3-seater or L-shaped sofa display or browse over our sofa product listing over this website.

Seats and Sofas are the specialist for upholstered furniture. With the different exchange offers, you do not always have to wait several weeks for your new sofa, but you can take it straight from our store. Because of our worldwide network of suppliers, we are able to adapt our collection to the latest trends at the very best price.
The Sofa Hong Kong is one of the most important furniture in the apartment or in the house. The average person spends about 4 hours a day on the couch. You can sit, lie, or crawl on it. It became well known that one also eats when watching TV on the couch.
Feature sets
Today, the sofa trimmings are often equipped with a sleep function or bed function, since living space is scarce and there is no longer the guest room in many apartments. Longitudinal sleepers are bed function in which the bed is pulled out into the room. The most widely used cross sleeper today is more space saving. His name is that because the sleeper sleeps across the wall.
The recliner set is a relax set with manual jump-start for the relax function. The back moves in an inclined position. The seat lifts slightly and the front panel becomes a footrest. There are also sofas and armchairs with wall-free function. This wall-free fitting makes it possible to place the couch directly against the wall and still the Zero Wall function works perfectly. The Recliner is American seating furniture.
Seat qualities
For Sofa Hong Kong, a distinction is made between different seat qualities. Here the taste of the individual is in demand. Some like to sit harder on the clothing. The spring core or a solid foam with high density is then just the thing. If you like to sit casually, then we have soft, coordinated foam with NOSAG suspension. This type of sofa is also called wave suspension. Very high quality is a combination of the above possibilities with sewn down feathers.
Shapes and combinations
We have different types of sofas, i.e. cubic, or classic. Saddle stitching, saddle optics in the back and round armrests are very popular with the classic trimmings. A high back completes the comfortable seating comfort.
Plan your own sofa set
A variety of sets can also be planned according to individual wishes. Here our competent furnishing consultants help you in the realization of your dream set. This planning set is then ordered and produced individually for you.
Functional sofa
Functional sofas are also colloquially called sofa beds or sofa bed. They are well suited as a guest bed or for a relaxing afternoon nap. Permanent sleepers are, as the name implies, suitable for permanent daily sleep. Permanent sleepers are thus a substitute for a bed in one-room apartments.
So, do visit our store to get new living experiences 