Although lighting at home in its most basic sense serves an obvious purpose, good lighting enhances personality of home, creates sense of warm of life to a room.
By using a mixture of ambient, task and accent lighting layers to outline different room zones, we can create a room that evokes certain personality that ofrer warmth and life to visitors.
Ambient light is the general lighting fixture we see at homes whose purpose is to make indoors visible. However, on top of ambient light, task light is also necessary for areas where further brightness is required. This includes study lamps providing extra illumination to read books or pendant lamp low over a game table or swing-arm lamp commonly found on bedside. Factors considered in selecting task lighting include brightness, beam direction, proximity to task area or bulb’s color temperature.
Accent lighting offers dramatic spots of light to change the room’s mood and style quite conveniently. Spotlight to a centerpiece artwork or narrow-beam light bulbs behind living room corners enable the room to be more visually appealing. Even candles can serve this purpose as placing them across a prominent spot in the room creates warm, natural glow.
As lights do have their own personality and impact in the room, so are how they’re being wrapped, packaged and molded as side lamps, ceiling lamps or whatever form or shape they may be.
So we handpicked three special ceiling lamps for you to avail at 20% off display price. These three are among our latest additions in our showroom are made of fine wooden materials.
Chichester ceiling lamp
Gloucester ceiling lamp
Birmingham ceiling lamp

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