Sofa beds, as mentioned in the past, are among the most versatile pieces of furniture in the house. As such, buyers are advised to be mindful of important things when purchasing one, and how proper planning helps make the most out of this wonderful piece of woodwork.

  1. Set a strong foundation. The key to a long lasting sofa bed can be traced to the quality of its frames. Pick kiln-dried hardwood and stay away from softer types of wood such as pine.
  2. Choose stable open and close mechanism. As a furniture that has moving parts, a typical sofabed is subjected to hundreds or thousands of folding and opening movements. A good sofabed to select is one with lock-down bar which enables smooth motion without squeaking or sticking, which often leads to faster wear and tear.eve_sofabed
    Eve sofa bed
  3. Choose one with quality mattress. Since half of the task of a sofabed is to ensure a good sleep, day or night, mattress quality matters. It should comfortably support the body at shoulders, hips and lower back. Remember that thick mattresses do not necessarily mean good quality ones.
  4. Ensure ease of use. Try before you buy still applies to sofabeds. While sleeping and sitting on a desired model is the true test, a mere assembly should give the potential owner an idea of ease of use.
  5. Make sure it fits! A sofa bed perfect in many aspects (comfort, prize, style, fabric) is rendered useless if it (literally) can’t pass through the door or inability to fit into a desired spot at home. That is why before pondering on colors or evaluating the price, do the measurements first; it’s one of the most basic considerations buyers need to consider.safi_sofabed
    Safi sofa bed.
  6. It should function as a sofa. Before we all get carried away by how comfortable to lie on this sof abed, remember the other half of its role. One uncharacteristic of certain sofa beds is that they look good but feels terrible to sit on. If it’s on a living room, the sofa bed more likely functions as a sofa so make sure it offers comfort.
  7. Prepare to do some heavy lifting. Because of its extended role, a sofa bed should weigh heavier than a conventional sofa. So watch out for those lower backs, shoulders and maintain the right posture when lifting heavy stuff.

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