When you own an item that’s hard to find in the market, you naturally see its value — limited edition watches, Star Wars merchandise or vinyl records.
That’s the same when you own a piece of furniture that’s made of reclaimed wood. It has inherent beauty found and share of history. Such rustic appeal is music to the ears of certain people. Since furniture with reclaimed wood can be found in many places, hence its price is somewhat dictated by the laws of supply and demand.
But more than just adhering to laws of economics, there are other strong arguments on using salvaged wood.
1. Environment-friendly. These types of wood aren’t  grown on farms that only plant trees for commercial purposes but have little support for an ecosystem. While a reclaimed wood is still made of tree that’s been cut, it’s been reused and gets another lease of life in your home.
2. Age that can’t be manufactured. While technology has made things appear as genuine as the real thing, there is no substitute for an authentic one. Reclaimed wood has grown organically to be strong, from the years of fighting for nutrients and share of sunlight. Also aging of the wood brings out its natural color, which mass grown trees need fancy painting to mimic its characteristics.
3. It’s just not available. Wood that’s made from trees that thrived during the 60s or even earlier has become more rarer by the day. Armed with exclusivity and pride of its share in history, owners of salvaged wood furniture can treat their fine collection as treasures sharing the same prestige as jewelries.
Now we are offering a salvaged wood table at its original price but with purchase of one, we’ll throw an accompanying bench at 50% off of its price tag. Hurry, contact us now and own a piece of high-quality furniture at marked down price.

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