Happy New Year! As 2014 is upon us, this may be a good time to check out new design trends covering home decoration and keeping things at pace with time.
Based on our research online, here are some of the design trends taking shape in 2014.
1. Open kitchen. From a room disconnected from the rest of the house, kitchens have become more open and integrated into the living space.
“Walls are going to continue to come down,” according to John Petrie, the 2014 president of the National Kitchen and Bath Association.
2. Renaissance of old paper prints. There’s a sense of reviving old Venetian paper prints and other intricately woven fabrics that evoke an old-world era.
3. Neutral colors. While bold colors appear more prominently on small patches at home such as in upholstery, pillows or lighting, neutral colors dominate in the home. Sandy or gray tones are also becoming more popular, although purple tones are also emerging.
4.  Custom cabinetry. Additional furniture are added into the kitchen, perhaps to augment the open space described above. Elaborate cabinetry with dramatic countertops and back splashes. Colors have lightened up as honey-themed motifs such as oak and cherry have replaced  the darker colored ones that have become a permanent fixture in the past.

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