Furniture delivery in Hong Kong can be a tricky thing to say the least.
While there are certified free delivery offered by furniture shops, many of the so-called home deliveries are bound to certain limits. There are those who offer free if your purchase reaches a certain amount; the more expensive you buy the more you get rewarded. Others do not offer the so-called delivery service if you live at certain areas. Instead you’ll be charged for the handling and transportation, if they are ever offered.
If you live at certain floors with no lifts, additional fees may apply depending on distance workers need to get up. Even the distance from your home to a designated unloading point is calculated for delivery surcharges. Delivery is often limited to transportation and additional work such as carrying of furniture from van to the apartment and assembly should be included in the quoted rate.
So when buying furniture, it is understandable that one gets easily carried away by the free delivery offers, but do not get easily enticed  until you have read the details and happy to terms offered.
In relation to that we are offering free delivery of sofabeds — specifically our adorable Eve sofabed which you can transform from bed to sofa and vice versa in just seconds. If you order this sofabed before June 6th we will waive the delivery charge. So hurry up and make the deal!

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