We have mentioned about the comfort and style beanbags bring to the house, not to mention that it fits seamlessly across various parts at home whether in the kids playroom, in front of the television or at the master’s bedroom.
Now we are offering one distinctively cuddly Dalmatian Aqua beanbag: 40% off its price tag.
This special beanbag is made ofย polystyrene microfibe, making it so comfortable to sit on. With 4 t 5 mm thickness, it has durability that lasts for years.

The way of relaxing totally depends on how you choose to relax.ย Bean Bag Hong Kongย can give you an ideal way of your thinking. Choose Di-mension to shop and get great discounts on it.
Dimension: L60cm x D60cm x H90cm
Remember this offer is good until we announce next week’s promotion.

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