We just celebrated the Dragon Boat festival, the traditional period to declare it is officially summer.
But we must have turned on our air conditioning units or ceiling fans long before that auspicious event. We’re hoping that before turning them on after a long period of being idle, you’ve made due diligence in cleaning them properly and ensure they work properly. So we as, when was the last time you cleaned your ceiling fan?
Regular preventive maintenance helps achieve its optimal performance, or at least close to it. Doing so helps ceiling fans from breaking down due to wear and tear caused by unchecked shaking, wobbling or squeaking.
Hunter Bayport ceiling fan.
1. Safety first
Make sure the fan is completely turned off and stationary before approaching and touching it. Little do we know these slowly spinning blades could hurt so much.
2. Cleaning the blades
Dust get attracted to fans very easily and gathers on the blades and accumulates around the motor, which can reduce a fan’s useful life. Use a vacuum cleaner, with the help of attached brush to scrape stubborn dust and other particles. You may use damp cloth to deal with thick layer of dust and apply equal pressure on both sides.
3. Loose fittings
A noisy ceiling fan may bring more discomfort than comfort so sorting out the unwanted squeaks is the only way to go. They are often caused by loose fittings or screws mounting the blades which can be fixed with a screw driver. But they can also come from warping of materials used in blades after subjected to extended use or higher than desired temperatures.
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