Bean bags don’t have a defined dimension so fitting them is much easier than other fixtures at home that need careful decoration placement.
Bean bags have outgrown themselves from a permanent fixture at the children’s playroom to the living room, from a utilitarian role to a decoration that will complement other furniture pieces.
Here are a few other ideas where bean bags can become a wonderful complement at home.

  1. Place an oversized beanbag over a thick fabric, dressed up with pillows, in a sunny portion of the house.
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  2. Fit a large cozy bean bag good for two to cuddle while watching movies at home.
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  3. For teenagers and college students, beanbags offer a comfortable study option, and do not require a lot of space like typical university dorms do. They have washable covers and refillable padding so it’s relatively easy to change their design and composition.
  4. If there’s such thing as sofa bed — sofa by day and bed mattress by night — beanbags that convert to beds.
  5. Selection of beanbag may be solely for functional rather than aesthetic purposes. But if you’re into the latter, reviewing your interior furnishings first before bringing in a new bean bag at home. Certain room decor styles such as the 60s and 70s themed decors are made for bean bags without overemphasizing their presence.
  6. Beanbags are often available in bright, attention-grabbing colors. But they don’t have to be such eye-catching objects. Popular colors are neon and white. Whites especially work for contrasting black and white combinations in the room or between beanbags themselves.

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