Hong Kong may be ‘Asia’s World City’ but no doubt it is still dominated by Chinese population so the adoption of local traditions remains strong and pervades across many facets of life.
For example, you’ll occasionally notice the absence of floors marked with “4” whose Chinese equivalent sounds like death, or naming of abstaining from cleaning the house during the first day of Lunar New Year.
When moving homes in Hong Kong, there are also plenty of things outsiders may not be familiar or normally practice.

1. Chinese employers typically frown upon their domestic helpers cry or display long faces as it is thought to bring bad luck to the family.

fengshui_bedPhoto credit
2 In order to get a restful sleep and keep unwanted forces out of the bedroom, arrange your bed so you’ll see the door when you are lying on it.
3. Remove dead flowers or branches on vases at once as they represent dead chi or natural energy.
4. Fix whatever is faulty. In feng shui, everything should work as they are intended to. Leaking faucet, clogged drainage or clock malfunction should be fixed immediately as they represent forms of misfortune. Either fix it or get rid of it.

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