Christina L Shape Sofabed - Compact

Code: SBID30009-LCL4 / SBID30009-LCL5 / SBID30009-LCL6 / SBID30009-LCR4 / SBID30009-LCR5 / SBID30009-LCR6





Overall Size - L258cm x D152cm x H86cm - HK$15,280

Bed frame - L219cm x W140cm

Sofa - L168cm x D89cm x H86cm

Chaise - L92cm x D152cm x H86cm

Other Sizes:


Sofa Overall Size Options Bed Size Fabric

**Small L-shape** (2 back cushions)

L204 x D152 x H86cm

L168 x W140cm $12,280

**Medium L-shape** (3 back cushions)

L258 x D152 x H86cm

L219 x W140cm $15,280

**Large L-shape** (3 back cushions)

L298 x D152 x H86cm

L259 x W140cm $17,280

**2-seater without chaise**

L226 x D89 x H89cm

 L190 x W140cm $9,880 


With Storage under chaise. Sofa can be changed to a bed in seconds.


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