Spoon Stool

Code: BSTM30006

This is a Di-mension Living replica of the original design. 

Designer Antonio Citterio combines clean lines and modern materials in this elegant stool whose shape is inspired by the humble spoon. This replica plastic stool preserves the design and feel of the original in bright, classic colours.

The stool is moulded from ABS plastic, and the adjustable height allows it to be used for diverse purposes - from the kitchen bench to the living room or office meeting room. The Replica Spoon Stool is designed for maximum comfort where the unique shape incorporates a footrest and scooped seat. 

This fresh, sleek stool is available in either black, white or red and will enhance any environment.                                            






L52cm x D54.5cm x H73-92cm - $1,990

Seat Height: 57-76cm




Black /  White / Red / Yellow / Orange


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