Fabio Novembre Her Chair

Code: CJS50013b

Fabio Novembre Her Chair


L48cm x D60cm x H87cm - $2,280


Fiberglass Shell



Wide Variety of colors for selection




Fabio Novembre modeled the Him-Her chair after the classic Panton Chair (Verner Panton, 1960). Lauded at the time for its single-piece construction, its cantilevered structure, and its sensuous sculpted form, the Panton (pictured below) persists as an icon of modern design. Novembre refers to his interpretation/homage as “an evolution of the hermaphroditic original.” Though I would have said, “androgynous,” there’s no denying that Novembre’s rendering is an overt acknowledgment of the human form. 


The names Fabio Novembre and Her Chair are used to describe the product, not as a trade mark.

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