The Roots

Code: FLKC30011 / FLKC30012 / FLKC30013


Walnut / Maple / Cherry Veneer and steel



The Roots, with a cylindrical lampshade made of veneer. The simplicity of the shade enhances the natural beauty of the wood and its unique texture. The lamps legs are like aerial roots that reach for the floor, made of oxidized steel with a coating of transparent varnish


Each piece is hand made and unique. Our hands caress, wrap and bend, they trace the tendencies of the material, and gather the thin layers of wood to form a shade. The finished object retains the memories of our movements.



Small: Diameter: D15 x H120 - HK$5780


Other Sizes:

Medium: Diameter: D20 x H140 - HK$6280

Large: Diameter: D25 x H160 - HK$6780

All sizes are approximately.


Lead time:

4 - 5 weeks


*The above price is excluding light source.


*Occasional imperfections may occur and will contribute to the charm of Di-mension Living Collection.  Variations in wood grain, crack, texture and color, and other natural occuring characteristics are inherent to solid wood.


**The naturalness of wood varied from individual products, making each piece an unique home product.

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