Woodrow Waste Bin

Code: ACUM30208-DBR / ACUM30208-MIN / ACUM30208-WHI
Made of natural treated wood curved into a can shape, then stained on the outside, making it a duo-tone can with a natural wood finish on the inside. WOODROW warms and grounds a room, even though its core function is being a garbage can. Use WOODROW to add a modern, subtle, decorative touch to any room that needs a garbage or recycling bin.
  • DURABLE, FUNCTIONAL, AND EASY TO USE: WOODROW has an integrated handle for easy transport and disposal of contents, makes a great office trash can.
  • TWO GALLON CAPACITY, DOUBLES AS RECYCLING BIN: Measuring 9 (dia) x 11 inches, 2 Gallon /7.5 L Capacity.
  • Available in brown, green or white
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