Cleaning Your Ceiling Fan at Home

We just celebrated the Dragon Boat festival, the traditional period to declare it is officially summer.

But we must have turned on our air conditioning units or ceiling fans long before that auspicious event. We’re hoping that before turning them on after a long period of being idle, you’ve made due diligence in cleaning them properly and ensure they work properly. So we as, when was the last time you cleaned your ceiling fan?

Regular preventive maintenance helps achieve its optimal performance, or at least close to it. Doing so helps ceiling fans from breaking down due to wear and tear caused by unchecked shaking, wobbling or squeaking.

Hunter Bayport ceiling fan.

1. Safety first
Make sure the fan is completely turned off and stationary before approaching and touching it. Little do we know these slowly spinning blades could hurt so much.

2. Cleaning the blades
Dust get attracted to fans very easily and gathers on the blades and accumulates around the motor, which can reduce a fan’s useful life. Use a vacuum cleaner, with the help of attached brush to scrape stubborn dust and other particles. You may use damp cloth to deal with thick layer of dust and apply equal pressure on both sides.

3. Loose fittings
A noisy ceiling fan may bring more discomfort than comfort so sorting out the unwanted squeaks is the only way to go. They are often caused by loose fittings or screws mounting the blades which can be fixed with a screw driver. But they can also come from warping of materials used in blades after subjected to extended use or higher than desired temperatures.

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Free Sofabed Delivery Promotion

Furniture delivery in Hong Kong can be a tricky thing to say the least.

While there are certified free delivery offered by furniture shops, many of the so-called home deliveries are bound to certain limits. There are those who offer free if your purchase reaches a certain amount; the more expensive you buy the more you get rewarded. Others do not offer the so-called delivery service if you live at certain areas. Instead you’ll be charged for the handling and transportation, if they are ever offered.

If you live at certain floors with no lifts, additional fees may apply depending on distance workers need to get up. Even the distance from your home to a designated unloading point is calculated for delivery surcharges. Delivery is often limited to transportation and additional work such as carrying of furniture from van to the apartment and assembly should be included in the quoted rate.

So when buying furniture, it is understandable that one gets easily carried away by the free delivery offers, but do not get easily enticed  until you have read the details and happy to terms offered.


In relation to that we are offering free delivery of sofabeds — specifically our adorable Eve sofabed which you can transform from bed to sofa and vice versa in just seconds. If you order this sofabed before June 6th we will waive the delivery charge. So hurry up and make the deal!



Promotion: 50% Off Bench Upon Purchase of Salvaged Wood Table

When you own an item that’s hard to find in the market, you naturally see its value — limited edition watches, Star Wars merchandise or vinyl records.

That’s the same when you own a piece of furniture that’s made of reclaimed wood. It has inherent beauty found and share of history. Such rustic appeal is music to the ears of certain people. Since furniture with reclaimed wood can be found in many places, hence its price is somewhat dictated by the laws of supply and demand.

But more than just adhering to laws of economics, there are other strong arguments on using salvaged wood.

1. Environment-friendly. These types of wood aren’t  grown on farms that only plant trees for commercial purposes but have little support for an ecosystem. While a reclaimed wood is still made of tree that’s been cut, it’s been reused and gets another lease of life in your home.

2. Age that can’t be manufactured. While technology has made things appear as genuine as the real thing, there is no substitute for an authentic one. Reclaimed wood has grown organically to be strong, from the years of fighting for nutrients and share of sunlight. Also aging of the wood brings out its natural color, which mass grown trees need fancy painting to mimic its characteristics.


3. It’s just not available. Wood that’s made from trees that thrived during the 60s or even earlier has become more rarer by the day. Armed with exclusivity and pride of its share in history, owners of salvaged wood furniture can treat their fine collection as treasures sharing the same prestige as jewelries.

Now we are offering a salvaged wood table at its original price but with purchase of one, we’ll throw an accompanying bench at 50% off of its price tag. Hurry, contact us now and own a piece of high-quality furniture at marked down price.

Sofa Bed Buying Ideas

Sofa beds, as mentioned in the past, are among the most versatile pieces of furniture in the house. As such, buyers are advised to be mindful of important things when purchasing one, and how proper planning helps make the most out of this wonderful piece of woodwork.

  1. Set a strong foundation. The key to a long lasting sofa bed can be traced to the quality of its frames. Pick kiln-dried hardwood and stay away from softer types of wood such as pine.
  2. Choose stable open and close mechanism. As a furniture that has moving parts, a typical sofabed is subjected to hundreds or thousands of folding and opening movements. A good sofabed to select is one with lock-down bar which enables smooth motion without squeaking or sticking, which often leads to faster wear and tear.eve_sofabed
    Eve sofa bed
  3. Choose one with quality mattress. Since half of the task of a sofabed is to ensure a good sleep, day or night, mattress quality matters. It should comfortably support the body at shoulders, hips and lower back. Remember that thick mattresses do not necessarily mean good quality ones.
  4. Ensure ease of use. Try before you buy still applies to sofabeds. While sleeping and sitting on a desired model is the true test, a mere assembly should give the potential owner an idea of ease of use.
  5. Make sure it fits! A sofa bed perfect in many aspects (comfort, prize, style, fabric) is rendered useless if it (literally) can’t pass through the door or inability to fit into a desired spot at home. That is why before pondering on colors or evaluating the price, do the measurements first; it’s one of the most basic considerations buyers need to consider.safi_sofabed
    Safi sofa bed.
  6. It should function as a sofa. Before we all get carried away by how comfortable to lie on this sof abed, remember the other half of its role. One uncharacteristic of certain sofa beds is that they look good but feels terrible to sit on. If it’s on a living room, the sofa bed more likely functions as a sofa so make sure it offers comfort.
  7. Prepare to do some heavy lifting. Because of its extended role, a sofa bed should weigh heavier than a conventional sofa. So watch out for those lower backs, shoulders and maintain the right posture when lifting heavy stuff.

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Beat the Heat This Summer with Ceiling Fans From Dimension

It’s now May but we notice the weather in Hong Kong is still comfortable in the low to mid 20s. But don’t be deceived by such pleasant weather; by next month until September, we’ll languish in a hot and humid Hong Kong.

Which is why we are hoping we have a good timing to introduce our new line of ceiling fans. One might wonder why ceiling fans when electric fans and air conditioners are more ubiquitous and used by many.

By rotating much more slowly than a conventional electric fan, ceiling fans induce evaporative cooling, which adds water vapor into the air, which reduces air temperature. This method is also much less expensive than employing thermodynamics to cool the air, which air conditioners does.

Hunter Merced ceiling fan.

Enough of the tech talk. There’s more than just the benefit of a more economical way to cool the air. Ceiling fans also help deter unwanted insects hovering near the table, it saves space as it utilizes the ceiling, and is safer for kids and pets than a freestanding electric fans pose.

Have a look at our online catalog of ceiling fans!

How to Remove Unwanted Stains and Marks on Walls

Daily living brings unwanted deposits, smudges and unwanted stains on our walls caused by the elements — and playing kids.

Whether painted, wallpapered or just plain uncoated, walls need to be well maintained and free from dirt and impurities caused by dust and humidity brought by changing seasons. While every effort is being done to ensure a clean wall, invisible particles or change in temperature could alter its look and tarnish the look of your walls at home.

Cleaning walls is a big task so one needs a good preparation to get this done.

Prepare the affected areas
Moving furniture and electrical gadgets away from affected area and covering them with old sheets or canvas drop cloth that absorb water. Avoid plastic or tarps that do not absorb water and tends to get slippery when wet.

Assemble cleaning materials
Typical cleaning accessories include wool duster, cleaning cloth, natural sponge and two buckets — one filled with cleaning solution and another with rinsing water. To protect yourself from chemical reaction to cleaning agents, wear rubber gloves to protect your hands. To reach high ceiling and elevated areas, a step ladder or stool are safe accessories to use than using your chair or some unstable structure.


Get to cleaning

  • Mix 1/4 cup of water and 2 tablespoons of baking soda on a small container to make a paste.
  • Use a clean, properly wrung wet cloth and dab it into the baking soda mixture and rub it onto the stained area in a circular motion.
  • Wash the walls from the bottom all the way up.
  • Food stains can be removed by moistening them and leaving them for a few minutes before wiping them off with a sponge.
  • Rinse the wall with another well-wrung rag or sponge.
  • Wipe the wall with cloth wrung in clear water. Dry it off with a clean towel

Important notes on cleaning walls

  1. Be cautious when rubbing. Too much rubbing may remove the paint or discolor the wall.
  2. Test all cleaning solutions to ensure they don’t damage wall surface.


Easter Special Sale: Bean Bags at Dimension

It’s almost Easter and many of us are looking forward to Easter egg hunting, outdoor trips or just catching up with rest and recreation from hectic days at work with the privilege of extended days off.

So we felt there’s a good connection between catching up with rest and our latest offer: the adorable, fits-everywhere beanbags that come in different sizes and colors. As you browse our online catalog, maybe one or two might match your personality or fashion preference.

So as our Easter treat, a 10% off shall be offered on our beanbag collection. Offer good until Easter holidays or supplies last.


Brick Wallpaper for Homes

As we continue to promote our new line of wallpapers for home or offices, we’d like to feature our brick wallpaper design.


Many households prefer to use brick wallpaper as a cheaper alternative to the real thing yet still mimic the feel of an exposed brick wall at home. Faux brick patterns come in different colors and combinations to suit the feel at home: countryside English, weather-tested rustic touch or the ubiquitous old brown bricks. The flexibility of these wallpapers allow creative minds to mix and match different patterns and designs to break the monotony of a confined space.

One example in our product line is the whitewash bricks designed wallpaper, made of  heavy-duty materials and non-woven backing. It is washable with soft cloth for consistent fresh look and can be installed in a flash.

One piece of advice though: the raw surface of our these brick wallpapers may not be suitable for homes with small children.

Eco-Friendly Utensils Now Available

We are proud to announce our eco-friendly kitchen and homeware line as the latest addition to our product lineup.

Our products — from bowls to baby spoons and forks — are all made of environment-friendly sources.


  • Made of coconut shells, 100% natural.  Available in 2 sizes and  4 colors to choose from.
  • Each item is carefully made; it requires over 15 steps to create a sing bowl.
  • When you buy, you support the environment: Coconut is harvested for its meat and milk. Normally the shells end up in landfills or get burned. Instead, we handpick the shells and make them into wonderfully unique bowls.

Baby Forks & Spoons


  • Made from Certified organic bamboo
  • A healthy alternative to plastic, especially if you’re aware of the hazards of plastic
  • As careful buyers of children’s utensils, we are aware that products they use should be food-safe; phthalate-free and BPA-free
  • Free from dyes or chemicals.
  • Tested and approved; meets US code CFR Title 16



  • Made of cork, harvested from the cork oak tree, and one of 425 species of oaks. The average lifespan of the cork oak is 170 years. It is actually the bark of the tree, that is harvested every 10-12 years. Harvesting cork does not harm the tree. But it does make beautiful products.

So if you are unsure of the safety of your kitchen and baby utensils, it’s about time to look at products made from natural components, and be more assured of the well-being not only of your children but also for the whole family.