Christmas Safety Tips at Home

Christmas is in the air, and to further add flavor when celebrating the holiday season, we have been accustomed to decorate our homes as well. But as we appreciate brighter lights and more festive atmosphere, there’s always something that comes first: safety at home.

1. Check old Christmas lights. Inspect Christmas lights, from broken bulbs to loose wires and discard anything that shows sign of wear and tear. There’s no price too high enough for

2. Unplug cables when you’re going outdoors. As there are plenty of holiday events taking place outdoors — shopping, parties or church services — removing the electric plugs when nobody’s home not only saves energy, it also eliminates the possibility of short circuit or power overload.

3. Do not connect more extension wires together. Do not try to overload a single wall socket by connecting an extension cord to another extension cord. Get a long extension cord instead to cover more ground at home.

4. Get the correct ladder. If it’s necessary to hang decoration in the ceiling or chandelier, portable ladder needs to be sturdy enough and has anti-slip rungs and mat.

5. Check alarm system. Test smoke and carbon dioxide alarm systems to ensure they work properly especially near bedrooms and sleeping areas.

6. Fire resistant trees. Although trees normally burn, buying one with “fire resistant” label should help minimize damage as it resists fire and extinguishes rather quickly.

7. Keep Christmas trees away from heaters. Hong Kong’s home indoors are mostly do not have centralized heating system so portable heaters can be placed anywhere. But not near trees, whose leaves dry easily and may catch fire when exposed close to heating devices such as radiators. This shares the same idea with the fire danger warnings we see on weather reports.



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