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Brick Wallpaper for Homes

As we continue to promote our new line of wallpapers for home or offices, we’d like to feature our brick wallpaper design.


Many households prefer to use brick wallpaper as a cheaper alternative to the real thing yet still mimic the feel of an exposed brick wall at home. Faux brick patterns come in different colors and combinations to suit the feel at home: countryside English, weather-tested rustic touch or the ubiquitous old brown bricks. The flexibility of these wallpapers allow creative minds to mix and match different patterns and designs to break the monotony of a confined space.

One example in our product line is the whitewash bricks designed wallpaper, made of  heavy-duty materials and non-woven backing. It is washable with soft cloth for consistent fresh look and can be installed in a flash.

One piece of advice though: the raw surface of our these brick wallpapers may not be suitable for homes with small children.

The Beauty of Wallpapers for Home

Planning on decorating home but can’t easily decide between using paint or wallpaper? Here’s the lowdown.

While paint can be a cheaper option and easily hides wall imperfections, it also requires longer time to dry, leaves a suffocating smell and may need professional assistance. Wallpaper, though harder to apply than a paint and may cost more, lasts longer (and so it still saves money long-term) and offers unmatched aesthetic and a variety of effects that paint often cannot do.

We hope it was a fitting intro to the wallpapers we’d like to feature in our blog.

Di-Mension Living now offers a wide array of fun and trendy wallpapers for homes and commercial premises.

Old brown bricks wallpaper

We’d say wide array because designs range from macaroons, soft white bricks and legumes to recycled timber, golden straw and soft white bricks.

Have a look at our wallpaper product section to find what suits your taste. All new items are now offered at special price.