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Avery Sofa Sale

It’s Friday and we’re excited to pick one more product to promote. This time we are offering Avery sofabed, a 2- or 3-seater bed with the following dimensions:

Sofa – L120cm x D92cm x H43cm
Bed  – L200cm x D120cm

As a sofabed, it transforms from a sofa to a bed (and vice versa in seconds).
You must have heard about the various benefits of a sofa bed at home  or ideas when buying one as posted in the past.

Now it’s your chance to own one as we offer Avery — which comes in fabric or synthetic leather for HK$4980 all inclusive. That means price already includes delivery and installation costs.

Got questions? Call us at 2246 8382,



Free Sofabed Delivery Promotion

Furniture delivery in Hong Kong can be a tricky thing to say the least.

While there are certified free delivery offered by furniture shops, many of the so-called home deliveries are bound to certain limits. There are those who offer free if your purchase reaches a certain amount; the more expensive you buy the more you get rewarded. Others do not offer the so-called delivery service if you live at certain areas. Instead you’ll be charged for the handling and transportation, if they are ever offered.

If you live at certain floors with no lifts, additional fees may apply depending on distance workers need to get up. Even the distance from your home to a designated unloading point is calculated for delivery surcharges. Delivery is often limited to transportation and additional work such as carrying of furniture from van to the apartment and assembly should be included in the quoted rate.

So when buying furniture, it is understandable that one gets easily carried away by the free delivery offers, but do not get easily enticed  until you have read the details and happy to terms offered.


In relation to that we are offering free delivery of sofabeds — specifically our adorable Eve sofabed which you can transform from bed to sofa and vice versa in just seconds. If you order this sofabed before June 6th we will waive the delivery charge. So hurry up and make the deal!



Sofa Bed Buying Ideas

Sofa beds, as mentioned in the past, are among the most versatile pieces of furniture in the house. As such, buyers are advised to be mindful of important things when purchasing one, and how proper planning helps make the most out of this wonderful piece of woodwork.

  1. Set a strong foundation. The key to a long lasting sofa bed can be traced to the quality of its frames. Pick kiln-dried hardwood and stay away from softer types of wood such as pine.
  2. Choose stable open and close mechanism. As a furniture that has moving parts, a typical sofabed is subjected to hundreds or thousands of folding and opening movements. A good sofabed to select is one with lock-down bar which enables smooth motion without squeaking or sticking, which often leads to faster wear and tear.eve_sofabed
    Eve sofa bed
  3. Choose one with quality mattress. Since half of the task of a sofabed is to ensure a good sleep, day or night, mattress quality matters. It should comfortably support the body at shoulders, hips and lower back. Remember that thick mattresses do not necessarily mean good quality ones.
  4. Ensure ease of use. Try before you buy still applies to sofabeds. While sleeping and sitting on a desired model is the true test, a mere assembly should give the potential owner an idea of ease of use.
  5. Make sure it fits! A sofa bed perfect in many aspects (comfort, prize, style, fabric) is rendered useless if it (literally) can’t pass through the door or inability to fit into a desired spot at home. That is why before pondering on colors or evaluating the price, do the measurements first; it’s one of the most basic considerations buyers need to consider.safi_sofabed
    Safi sofa bed.
  6. It should function as a sofa. Before we all get carried away by how comfortable to lie on this sof abed, remember the other half of its role. One uncharacteristic of certain sofa beds is that they look good but feels terrible to sit on. If it’s on a living room, the sofa bed more likely functions as a sofa so make sure it offers comfort.
  7. Prepare to do some heavy lifting. Because of its extended role, a sofa bed should weigh heavier than a conventional sofa. So watch out for those lower backs, shoulders and maintain the right posture when lifting heavy stuff.

Take a look at our sofa beds2 & 3 seater and space saving L-shaped sofas or pay us a visit at our Taikoo showroom.

Sofabed Buying Guide

Buying sofa bed sounds like a simple thing to do. However, in reality, there are plenty of factors a buyer needs to understand before deciding ‘I’ll take it.’

How do you like your sofa to work for you?

If you would like to use the sofa partly as bed, then procuring a sofa bed offers a number of advantages. But to those pondering and buying for “just in case” contingency measures, there’s one important caveat to note: sofa bed structure is more firm than traditional living room sofas. While strength means durability, it may also mean less comfortable to seniors and those with back issues.


Choosing your mattress.
Mattresses distinguish one sofa bed from another. Since sofabeds have moving parts, they’re not as solid as conventional ones. Sofabeds are generally classified as follows: innerspring mattresses have coils inside. Memory mattresses do not have coils but the foam conforms with the user’s body. Air-coil mattresses are hybrid types that feature memory foam and innerspring mattress.

Fitting at home.
One of the most practical questions to ask is whether the sofa beds are going to fit through the door. As has been advised in the past, measure your ideal sofabed with ample allowance so it will consider the ceiling, doorway and other areas at home where the furniture will transit. However, also note if parts can be assembled so sofabed can get through the strategic points in one piece or several parts.

Test at the shop.
Never be ashamed to test sofa bed at the shop, even if it means fellow shoppers glance with a funny look. If you’re comfortable with that bed, after testing multiple sleeping positions, that’s what matters. So don’t be ashamed to emulate that Sealy’s commercial — minus the water sprinkler scene — it’s for your comfort and peaceful sleep.

Plan ahead.
Shopping for your desired sofabed does not only begin with testing out several models. You also need to figure out what’s the best texture, material or colors that will complement your home interiors. Not every fabric or color may be available when you decide to buy late.

We at Di-mension Living offer sofabeds that bring out simplicity (easy to change from sofa to bed and vice versa), flexible (removable sofa cushion cover) and attractive design without compromising on space and money.

Advantages of Sofabeds

It may be easy to understand the benefits of a sofa bed. At daytime it’s a sofa, and shifts its role as bed as early as sunset or when members of the household feel sleepy.

This multipurpose innovation hasn’t been very hard to accomplish as both types of furniture contain the same element that provides comfort awake or asleep: cushion. The allure of style and space economy puts value of a sofa bed at a premium. At its upright position, a sofa or couch is where people can sit. When unfolded, it transforms into a wider bed that accommodates a solo or a couple of occupants to sleep and relax comfortably. As it entitles home dwellers the benefits of this single accessory almost round the clock, durability and style are among the most important considerations when buying sofabeds.

Sofa beds make use of one furniture with dual purpose
Easily the most noticeable advantage of this piece of furniture. Taking cue from its name, we all get the idea. But it’s more than just its functionality.

Sofa beds save space
Since sofa beds serve more than just one purpose, it saves space. That sounds music to the ears of people in Hong Kong, who are put off by expensive housing costs and choose to live in smaller homes. Just like that indispensable Swiss knife in outdoor camps, a sofa bed is one of the most often utilized item at home.

Sofa beds save money
Since we don’t have to invest in something that’s already available, we keep the money to ourselves or for other essential expenditures at home.

Ava sofabed.

Sofa beds are flexible
When making changes in home decoration, we often look at the couch and imagine how will it fit in our ideas. Not with sofa beds, which can be stylish yet easily adaptable even with radical modifications at home. For example, our Avery or falda line fits well within home improvement works.

As the sofa bed often makes itself available when needed, it’s important that we choose sofa beds with sturdy frames, durable fabric and made of easy to clean, non-toxic materials.

Sofabeds at Causeway Bay Hotel

With our aim to provide comfort at homes, offices or everywhere else, our fine furniture products have been a fixture at many places.

Recently, a hotel in Causeway Bay has equipped its family room with Di-Mension sofa beds. We think it’s a clever solution since sofa beds serve dual purpose at certain times of the day; they serve as formal sofas during daytime and can easily be converted to sleeping bed at night time, especially when there are extra guests in the room.