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Tetris Bookshelf

It seems that telling everyone homes in Hong Kong are too small is already a cliche one must avoid, but for the sake of introducing our space saver featured product this week, we’ll say it again.

Hong Kong homes are generally small, and to deal with it, people have inherently learned how to manage this limited space with great efficiency. In many cases, that translates to selection of furniture. When you visit a furniture shop, people are readily armed with measuring tape and broad sense of imagination before buying that sofa, coffee table or office cabinet.

Without sacrificing quality and ensuring a furniture fits properly within the house, we bring you this Tetris Bookshelf, obviously named after that popular hand-held ‘brick’ game in the 90s.




This bookshelf is made up of salvage elm wood available at Di-Mension Living. As with many of our furniture products, these bookshelves can be customized according to customer’s preference.